How does fan power affect fan heat dissipation?

How does fan power affect fan heat dissipation?

In the working environment of many cooling fans, buyers hope that the greater the power of the fan, the better the effect. What do you think?

First of all, the power of the fan is not the greater the better. It needs to be selected according to the environment.

1. Although, the power of the fan has a great impact on the heat dissipation of the fan, the larger the power, the larger the air volume of the fan, and the better the heat dissipation. However, the power of the CPU fan should conform to the principle of "appropriate amount". It is not allowed to blindly improve the heat dissipation efficiency and ignore other problems.

2. Fan speed the speed of the fan is inseparable from the power of the fan, and the speed directly affects the power of the fan.
Generally, we think that within a certain range, the higher the speed of the fan, the greater the air intake it delivers to the CPU, and the better the heat dissipation effect the CPU obtains. If the speed of the cooling fan exceeds the rated speed, the fan itself will be hot due to the load under long-term overload operation. With the passage of time, more and more heat will be generated. At this time, the fan not only has no effect of cooling and heat dissipation, but also may increase the temperature. Here, imagine that the hot air of our blower is based on this principle.

Also, it is inevitable that the cooling fan will make a lot of noise during high-speed operation, and the service life of the cooling fan will be shortened as time goes on.

In addition, the high operating speed of the cooling fan requires greater power to provide a "power source".
And the high-efficiency power source is obtained from the high power in the main board and power supply, which will often cause instability of the system under overload power. Therefore, when we choose the fan speed, we should decide according to the heating capacity of the CPU, and it is better to choose the fan with the appropriate speed.