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How is the chassis air duct designed for heat dissipation?

The chassis air duct refers to the channel through which the air flows in the computer chassis, including the flow direction and the air volume. A reasonable chassis air duct can quickly discharge the

How does fan power affect fan heat dissipation?

In the working environment of many cooling fans, buyers hope that the greater the power of the fan, the better the effect. What do you think?

First of all, the power of the fan is not the greater t

Why are most of the cooling fan blades odd?

If you are good at observation, you will find that when cooling fan manufacturers design fans, the number of blades is mostly composed of 5, 7, 9, 11 and other odd blades. Why is the number of leaves

Reasons and solutions for poor heat dissipation of notebook computers

As the internal space of the notebook is limited, temperature is almost a common problem of the notebook, and it is impossible to upgrade the internal radiator and add cooling fans. The heat dissipati

How to remove the desktop fan

If the cooling fan is used for a long time, it will accumulate too much dust and need to be removed for cleaning. How to remove the desktop cooling fan?
Removal method 1:
There are several types of

What is the difference between an exhaust fan and a blower fan?

What is the difference between an exhaust fan and a blower fan?
There are two types of cooling fans: air blowing and suction. As the name implies, one of these two fans is suction and the other is bl

Four types of cooling fan operation

With the continuous development of the technical performance of the cooling fan, the fan can be divided into four types according to its flow direction within the range of fan sizes of various specifi

What is the difference between DC cooling fan and AC cooling fan?

Cooling fans can be divided into AC cooling fans and DC cooling fans according to different application environments. AC cooling fans are generally used for large-scale equipment such as re industrial

Effect of blades on DC cooling fan

First of all, we need to know that the DC fan converts electrical energy into machinery through DC voltage and electromagnetic induction to drive the fan blades to rotate. Therefore, the fan shell and

How to distinguish DC fan noise and abnormal sound?

During the use of the DC cooling fan, as the use time increases, the fan will be more or less noisy. Is this normal? In fact, it is normal. Noise is not equal to abnormal sound. It is a normal phenome